Best Pipe Locators Reviews in 2020

Burrowing indiscriminately on a building site is perilous business. Coincidentally harming a covered link, or sewer or water line can truly hurt a temporary worker’s notoriety, profitability and net revenue. To keep away from issues this way, put resources into a pipe locator, which can assist you with making sense of what’s the place before you start unearthing. Our rankings spread everything from straightforward answers for top-end machines. At the point when clients purchase our autonomously picked publication choices.

Best Pipe Locators Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Pipe Locators, 30M/100Ft Pipe Blockage Detector, Handheld Waterproof Sensitivity Adjustable Wall Scanner, Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner for PVC Metal Water Pipes (30M)
  • 【IP67 Waterproof Pipe Locators】The pipe blockage Locators is equipped waterproof probe, which can handle all kinds of environments. Meanwhile, the wall pipe blockage detector is high quality, long service life.
  • 【30m Working Distance with Strong Signal Penetration and Adjustable sensitivity】: The pipe plugging tester can pass through a wall with a thickness of 50cm, reducing the removal area.The signal is stronger, the red light with higher brightness.Adjustable sensitivity, the receiver can increase the sensing ability to the emitter by adjusting its sensitivity.
  • 【Working Methods for Pipe Blockage Scanner】: The pipeline blockage detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. can accurately locates invisible blockage, clogging inside the pipes and reminds you with a buzzing sound. The pipe blockage emitter probe emits electromagnetic waves, and the pipe blockage receiver receives electromagnetic waves. The blockage location is determined according to the signal strength.
Bestseller No. 2
512hz Pipe Locator Receiver Underground Sewer Drain Pipe Camera 512hz Pipe Inspection Camera Locators Tool Kit for Plumbing and Septic Location Supports All Devices Using 512 Hertz Transmitter
  • 【PREMIUM 512 Hz TRANSMITTERS】High-quality 512Hz wireless locator makes it easy to work along your 512 Hertz built-in sonde inside the probe-tip camera head. The 512hz locator receives the signal from the transmitting sonde and allows you to accurately locate the inspected area. It is a must-have tool for any plumbers looking to ease the process to locate any problems when inspecting any pipeline system. Only compatible with 512Hz Transmitters. Will not work with any other Transmission.
  • 【ECONOMICAL & UTILITY】 This premium detector allows you to quickly pinpoint any blockages or breaks by locating the underground transmitter from your pipe inspection camera. This greatly reduces the amount of time digging to find the damage. The rod contains the antenna that picks up the 512Hz transmitter.
  • 【PORTABLE AND DURABLE】 The locator wand can be disassembled into two parts making it easy to store all the accessories into the included hard plastic carrying case making it ideal when traveling to different work sites. Heavy-duty aluminum padded case protects the analog locator from getting damaged. High-density foam pads and double locks will keep your investment safe and secure.
Bestseller No. 3
Magnetomatic Pipe Locator
  • PIPES IT CAN DETECT: Iron, Steel, Ceramic, Transit, Asbestos Cement & Plastic Pipe (PVC) with or without magnetic tracers
  • CABLES IT CAN DETECT: Electrical, Telephone, Fiber Optic, Conduit
Bestseller No. 4
Tempo Communications 501 Tracker II Underground Cable Locator - Locate Underground Wires, Cables, Pipes & Conduit (Latest Model)
  • Trace the path and determine the depth buried conductors (wires or metallic pipes)
  • Included options for direct connection, inductive clamp or inductive antenna allow work on active or dead systems
  • The lightweight receiver provides audible and visual indications of signal strength
Bestseller No. 5
MS6818 Wire Tracker, Portable Telephone Cable Locator, Underground Pipe Wire Detector, Professional Cable Toner Finder, Electrical Circuits, Pipelines, Fuses, Switches, Short Circuits Finder
  • Detecting cables, electrical lines-water/gas supply pipelines buried in-wall or earth
  • Detecting interruptions and short circuit in cables and electrical lines buried in-wall or earth
  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits. Detecting interruptions and short-circuits in-floor heating
Bestseller No. 6
Yeipower Pipe Blockage Detector Locators-Sensor - Water Pipe Wall Scanner 30M Pipeline Magnetic Detector Metal PVC Water Pipes Clogging Tool (30M)
  • Solve Problem: There are always many pipe blockage problems in life. But we do not have the most effective way to locate and solve. The pipe blockage tester developed by us can penetrate 40cm thick water pipes and walls to locate blockages. Improve work efficiency.
  • Work Principle: Pipeline blockage locator adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction.Strong signal penetration and precise positioning.Use Pipe blockage emitter and receiver to locate blockages in metal pipes, PVC pipes, water pipes and wall nails.
  • Work Method: Pipe blockage emitter to produce electromagnetic waves. Locate the blockage by the waterproof probe. Pipe blockage receiver receives electromagnetic waves. According to the strength of the signal. Generate buzzing sounds of different sizes to locate the blockage.
Bestseller No. 7
CST/berger 19-557 Magna-Trak 102 Magnetic Locator with Soft Case
  • Country of Origin:Malaysia
  • Package length:1.0"
  • Package width:1.0"
SaleBestseller No. 8
RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Scout Locator, Underground Pipe Locator and Underground Cable Location Device
  • Multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time - maximize the signal strength to find the target pipe, sonde, or energized line
  • Underground pipe locator verifies position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, ensuring an accurate locate
  • When using as underground cable locator or pipe locator, the Navitrack Scout automatically calculates and displays depth when oriented over the target.
Bestseller No. 9
Kolsol F02 Underground Cable Locator, Wire Tracer with Earphone, Cable Tester for Dog Fence Cables Irrigation Control Wires
505 Reviews
Kolsol F02 Underground Cable Locator, Wire Tracer with Earphone, Cable Tester for Dog Fence Cables Irrigation Control Wires
  • 【Time and Money Saver】Helpful-Locating & tracking buried and hidden wires.No more calls,no more cost, find and fix it by yourself.
  • 【How to Use】Easily Locate Pet Fence Wires, Metal Wires, Metal Pipes, Electrical Wires, ect ( only for single-strand wire, or double-strand wire in parallel, not for multistrand wire!!!)
  • 【Where You Can Locate】Locate-Determining Which Receptacles are on specific circuits,track-Pinpointing Drill Sites before drilling.
Bestseller No. 10
GAOTek Underground Wire Tracker Cable Metal Pipe Locator Detector Professional Tester Conducting Cables, Electrical Circuits, Pipelines, Fuses, Switches, Short Circuits Finder Through Concrete-GFL-107
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TESTER: This GFL-107 professional line finder detects cables buried in walls or ground, interrupts or shorts, and supplies pipes. Detect the fuse and distribute the current circuit. A circuit that detects floor heating; detects accidentally covered outlets and power distribution outlets. The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted either manually or automatically. The transmitter has the function of self-inspection and both transmitter and receiver have a mute function.
  • SELF-INSPECTION: The transmitter has a self-test function, and the sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted automatically or manually. The transmitter has the function of self-inspection and both transmitter and receiver have a mute function. Compact structure, strong and durable, convenient to carry. Detecting cables, electrical lines, water/gas supply pipelines buried in-wall or earth.
  • MEASUREMENT 12-400V DC/AC: Transmitter built-in DC/AC voltage meter for linear measurement of 12-400V DC/AC voltage. The transmitter and receiver display power level, code, battery, detected voltage type and value, and high-voltage alert. Locate-determining which receptacles are on specific circuits track-pinpointing drill sites before drilling.

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